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ViaFromCanada Internet Privacy Policy
ViaFromCanada recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of information we may collect from our on-line visitors. To this end, we are committed to using our best efforts to respect the privacy of our on-line visitors. It is our intent to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using information received from and about you with your reasonable expectations of privacy. The following is the way we handle information learned about you from your visit to our website:

Personally Identifiable Information
www.viafromcanada.com collects personally identifiable information, such as name, address, e-mail address and the like, only when you register to join this program and use this website. We do collect some additional personal information from you, such as medications that may have been prescribed for you, but that is solely to let the website know enough about you to best serve your needs, and to make sure that you have access to information that is relevant to you. We'll never sell your information to anyone else. You may receive information to help you best use the ViaFromCanada program in the mail, but we'll never send you e-mail unless you request it.

Collective Data
Some websites deposit certain bits of information called "cookies" in a visitor's computer. Cookies are sent back only to the website that deposited them when a visitor returns to that site. The ViaFromCanada site uses only a temporary cookie that is deleted when you end your session on this site.

Links to other Sites
As a resource to our visitors, www.viafromcanada.com and members.viafromcanada.com may provide links to other websites. We try to carefully choose websites that we believe are useful and meet our high standards. However, because websites can change so quickly, we can't guarantee the standards of every website link we provide or be responsible for the content of non-viafromcanada.com sites.

We do not specifically collect information about children.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be communicated promptly on this page.




  Note: This website cannot replace regular conversations with your doctor or health care professional.

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If you feel ViaFromCanada would be of interest to someone you know, please tell him/her to visit our site at https://viafromcanada.com, or have him/her call toll-free at 1-888-999-7565 to receive enrollment information.

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